What you should do after your acupuncture appointment

After your acupuncture appointment your body may feel different during the hours and days that follow.  Many patients have described this as a feeling of energy moving, including temporary aches, heaviness, tingling and other benign sensations, as well as a shift in energy levels.

We recommend that you follow a few simple guidelines after your treatment.

1. Avoid strenuous activity

Rigorous exercise, heavy physical labor, or sexual activity, can sometimes cause your body to “forget” about the new energy pattern it was just practicing.  If exercise is important to your routine, moderate exercise is best (e.g. swimming, walking, biking, gentle yoga, tai chi, physical therapy).

2. Avoid toxins

Allow your body to heal by avoiding stimulants and depressants.  You have brought your body into a state of healing; try not to put it back on the defensive by adding toxins.  Drinking alcohol, doing recreational drugs, or overdoing stimulants like caffeine, nicotine and sugar will reduce the ability of your treatment to hold and your body to heal.

3. Eat healthy

One of the many benefits of acupuncture is increasing your ability to assimilate nutrition.  This can be used to aid the healing of your body.  Take advantage of it!  Eat natural, nutrient-dense foods like organic, seasonal vegetables and fruits, legumes, sea vegetables, whole grains, and local/organic meats and fish.  Avoid artificial or processed foods, refined flours, dairy and sugar.  This, of course, is important any time but specifically important in the hours that follow a treatment.

4. Rest

Get enough rest.   The body does most of its healing and repair work while you sleep.  Now that your energy is in an optimized state of healing, try and get as much sleep as you can the night directly after your treatment.  Meditation, visualization and deep breathing are also highly beneficial.

These simple steps will improve the healing process and make the most of every visit to your acupuncturist.

In the very rare event that you have serious discomfort or symptoms that you feel are related to your treatment please notify Ms. Schaufele immediately.  Please note that some patients occasionally form a small bruise at certain sites of needle insertions or tiny blisters from moxibustion.  These are harmless and are not cause for concern.