Questions your acupuncturist will ask

Acupuncturist’s consistently ask about four main areas of your health; what do you eat, how do you sleep, how’s your digestion, and how’s your energy.


Everyone has heard the saying “you are what you eat” this is especially true to your acupuncturist.  Dietary habits can contribute significantly to how you feel. If your body is not being properly nourished on a regular basis, it’s going to face an uphill battle when trying to heal itself.

Common questions are; How’s your appetite? How often do you eat? What do you eat regularly?  Do you have any cravings for a particular food?


Insomnia is a common problem in our society.  Its so common that people have grown accustom to not sleeping well and hardly consider it a problem.  However, poor sleep can severely impact your health and quality of life, not to mention, your ability to heal.

Common questions are; Are you able to fall asleep easily?  Do you stay asleep? If you wake up, why? And what time?  Do you feel rested in the morning?  Do you have pain, or phlegm  when you wake?  Do you dream regularly?  Are your dreams disruptive or vivid?


Digestive questions are not always a comfortable subject but elimination is a critical measure of how a person’s whole system is functioning.  This is why acupuncturist will always talk about it.

Common question are; How often do you have a bowel movement? What time of day does it normally occur? Is there a strong odor? Are your stools loose, formed, hard, soft, discolored? Is there pus, blood or undigested food in your stool? Do you feel depleted after having a bowel movement?


Everyone’s energy levels will rise and fall throughout the day.  Energy is also affected by seasons, weather, and moods to name a few things.  However generally speaking efficient energy is an essential part of the quality of anyone’s life.

Common question are; are you a high, medium or low energy person?  Do you typically experience a dip in energy at any point of day?  What time of day are your highs and lows?  Is there a difference between physical and emotional energy levels?  Do your emotions consistently affect your energy levels positively or negatively?

A complete picture of health will require more then these four simple areas but they are a solid place to start the conversation.  It is also a good idea for you to start to pay attention to these areas of your health and mention any areas of concern to your acupuncturist.