Appointments at Golden Cabinet Acupuncture

Appointment and Scheduling

Appointment scheduling is available by clicking the “Schedule Me” box on the right hand side of any page on our website.  If you prefer to book an appointment by phone please call our office at (484) 707-0468.  Generally appointments are available Monday Through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Saturdays are available in our community setting on the following days for 2015.

February 7 & 21             March 14 & 28
April 11 & 25                  May 16 & 30
June 13 & 27                  July 18 & 25
August 8 & 22                September 5 & 19
October 10 & 25             November 7 & 21
December 5 & 19

If you have never experienced community acupuncture, it’s different then a regular private appointment.  Instead of a treatment in a private room you are treated in a community room, with a number of other patients resting near by. Patients are seated on one of our very comfortable zero gravity chairs while Brenda moves from person to person.

We accept all major credit cards.

About Brenda Schaufele

Brenda Schaufele is a licensed Acupuncturist that specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five Element, Facial Rejuvenation and Japanese Acupuncture.  Learn more about Brenda Schaufele’s educational background and practice here.

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