Allergies come in many different forms. For some of the littlest allergy sufferers it can be a challenge to find relief.  Beth Fulp found help for her son Ryan at Roanoke Community Acupuncture.

She says, “I had heard about acupuncture for years and I wanted to try it myself because I never had. I brought him when he was 8 months and we both got a treatment. I felt intuitively that he had a milk allergy but the doctors kept saying it was a cold.”

Acupuncture for children is different from what many people think about.  Licensed Acupuncturist, Nicole Kaltz has practiced a Japanese method called Shonishin on children for the last four years.

She explains, “It ranges from about one month old to approximately seven years old. It is a needless method I am manipulating the energy because a child’s energy is so surface anyway.”

There are several different tools Nicole uses.  She uses a gentle tapping motion and a gentle scraping of the skin to bring energy to the surface and scrape it away.  Shonishin does not hurt.

Beth says, “A lot of people when I say I bring my son think they stick him with needles which is not true for children.”

She noticed relief from Ryan’s allergy symptoms from the time she started bring him to Nicole at 8 months old.

She says, “We have been coming back ever since.  He has only had one ear infection and one fever in his life.  When he starts to get a cold, I bring him here and in two days it’s gone.”

Nicole explains, “If I see a child who is older than 7, at that point is a little too late.  We can address their symptoms, but in order to get rid of it fully it is best to get them as young as we can.”

Some other parents have found the same relief for their children and there is no harm trying the therapy because it can’t hurt.

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