May 19, 2013

VIENNA – Bodylogic is offering acupuncture services for those looking for alternative pain therapies.

Song-Hwi Chi has been practicing acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine for more than 20 years with a focus on using as few needles as possible.

“I don’t like to use a lot of needles,” Chi said. “With the right placement, I only need one or two needles at a time to stop pain.”

Song-Hwi Chi performs acupuncture on Matthew Smith, owner of Bodylogic, located at 1515 Grand Central Ave., Garden Level, Suite 8, behind Naticakes Frozen Yogurt. (Photo Provided)

Matthew Smith, owner of Bodylogic, 1515 Grand Central Ave., in the back of the shopping center that includes Naticakes Frozen Yogurt, said he is impressed with Chi’s work.

“He’s basically been doing acupuncture his entire life, as his mother was an acupuncturist and he learned from her,” Smith said. “We are very lucky he found us because his work is amazing.

“Song is the most highly trained and experienced acupuncturist in our area and I’m very pleased he is with us at Bodylogic,” he said.

Smith, a massage therapist, not only works with Chi, but also receives treatment for pain from multiple car accidents.

“Song’s work really does speak for itself,” Smith said. “When he came down here to meet me, he worked on me and I was amazed with how much better I felt with only two needles.”

Acupuncture, a main component of traditional Chinese medicine, involves stimulating points on the body using a variety of techniques, including penetrating the skin with thin needles that are then manipulated manually or by electrical stimulation. It is among the oldest healing practices in the world.

It is believed that stimulating specific acupuncture points corrects imbalances in the flow of qi through channels known as meridians.

“Acupuncture is a safe alternative to medications as it helps relieve pain without side effects,” Smith said. “With Song’s expertice, I have had long-lasting relief that does so much more than taking a pill.”

Along with pain relief, acupuncture has also been known to treat anxiety, sleep issues and depression.

“I can also help allergies and give acupuncture face lifts by placing a needle in just the correct spot,” Chi said. “Acupuncture can be used for so many things that people don’t think of.”

Chi was born and raised in South Korea where he also received his acupuncture training. About 20 years ago Chi immigrated to Los Angeles where he received his United States acupuncture licensure from Baylor University in Aneheim.

He then moved to the Atlanta area where he worked with other acupuncturists. Chi is currently based out of Dayton, Ohio, where he has an acupuncture practice, and travels to Vienna each Tuesday.

“I really like it here,” Chi said. “Everyone is very nice and everyone I have met in Bodylogic is helpful and nice to work with.”

Smith said Chi’s services are the latest in a variety of offerings from Bodylogic, which also has a variety of massage therapies, an infrared sauna and all natural skincare products.

“We aren’t really a spa, but we do offer health facility that serves beauty from a wellness perspective,” Smith said. “By adding Song’s acupuncture expertice, we are able to give the community a more rounded relaxation and positive health experience.”

Originally posted on News and Sentinel