Traditional acupuncture has been found to relieve the hot flushes that many women experience when taking tamoxifen to prevent breast cancer.

The drug tamoxifen is now a widely used treatment for preventing the recurrence of breast cancer. Unfortunately, it often leads to hot flushes and night sweats, which can severely impair a woman’s quality of life.

In a study, researchers at Mount Vernon Hospital in Middlesex, UK, offered a group of 54 women on tamoxifen a program of traditional acupuncture treatments. All the women were troubled by flushes or sweats before the treatment.

Afterwards, 36 per cent of the group reported that their symptoms had decreased by 50 per cent or more, while 89 per cent reported some improvement. The positive results were maintained after treatment had ended. Personal accounts showed how the women felt their energy levels had increased, they could do more, and that their overall quality of life had improved after acupuncture.

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