Tucson, AZ — (SBWIRE) — 10/14/2013 — After attracting millions of users in the past five years, acupuncture is now promoted by majority of the state’s clinic as a go-to treatment for almost any type of back pain. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) has recommended acupuncture for back pain, arthritis, and other joint pains.

The road to this popularity has not been easy for acupuncture, given the controversies raised against it in the past. As a matter of fact, more than a hundred cases of severe acupuncture side effects have been recorded in a span of two years. Among these side effects is prolonged dizziness, and fainting. However, several researchers contend that these are not actual side effects of the treatment, but rather consequences of inappropriate acupuncture application.

In contrary to the critics’ claims, millions have come out to share the positive impacts of acupuncture in their lives. These testimonies have prompted more people to try it, and more clinics to offer such service.

“Acupuncture for back pain is a relatively new field, but the reason for its effectiveness was actually discovered many years ago,” said Susan Campbell of Her Back Pain. She explained that one of the instant effects of acupuncture is pain relief, caused by the endorphins released during the process.

The acceptance of the medical community to acupuncture as an option for pain relief treatment is a huge step. Especially considering it has previously been regarded as a myth. Acupuncture is a traditional medicine practice that originated from China more than 2,000 years ago.

Today, more US clinics are including acupuncture in their services menu to address a patients chronic back pain. Some users are also testifying about the effectiveness of acupuncture in curing their migraines.

“I think what inspires people the most about this alternative medicine is the hope of being permanently free from their chronic pains after regular acupuncture sessions,” said Campbell.

She further confirmed that there are already significant cases of acupuncture sessions that have successfully addressed back pains of the patient in the long-term. However, Campbell is also not fully discounting the risks involved with acupuncture.

“To be certain, it is very crucial to look for an accredited acupuncture practioner to avoid the dangers involved. It is very important to target the right points, because failure to do so may result to severe side effects,” Campbell warned.

Originally posted on SBwire